Small Groups

"Every day they continued to meet together...They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all people"

       ~ Acts 2:46 – 47

It is critical for the members of the Body of Christ to be in communion and fellowship with one another. And while this does go on every Sunday at Perryville, we strongly encourage everyone to also plug into a Small Group.

Our small groups are between 10-12 people, which meet either at the church facility or in homes, for 8-week semesters multiple times a year to discuss the Word of God and allow for a deeper Spiritual connection amongst believers. We have various groups on different days, at different locations, so there is a group for you!

This is the best way to get plugged into the body of Christ and receive personalized support with other believers.

Small groups are currently in session.  

Rex and Cathy Fisher

Charlie & Linda

Wednesday Evening 6:30 - Charlestown

Tuesday Evening 6:00 - Charlestown

Kevin and Amy Seekell

Ladies Group
Led by Heather Mills

Sunday Evening 6:00 - Charlestown

Thursday 10:00 am - Perryville Bible Church, Wakefield
Tuesday Evening 6:30 - Mills' House